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Wasp Removal in Marysville

Do you know why wasps can be worse than honey bees?  While bees only sting once, wasps don’t have that same design flaw and can sting you again and again. That’s bad news if you have a a wasp nest in or near your home. Autumn tends to be the perfect time to get rid of wasp...
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Bellingham Pest Control Cleanup

Bellingham Pest Control Company Classic Insulation was up in Bellingham to deal with a rat problem. As you can see from the photo below, some furry rodents had decided to take residence in our client’s crawlspace and were making a bit of a mess. The Classic team of pest...
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Blaine Crawlspace Cleanup

Classic Insulation recently was up north in Blaine to help a home that was in need some rodent control, exclusion, and insulation repair. The Classic team of pest control experts and insulation contractors were entered the crawlspace of the Blaine home, removed rodent carcasses ,...
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