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How often should insulation be replaced

How often should insulation be replaced?

Most types of insulation actually last for a long period of time, between 80 to 100 years. But that is only the case if the insulation has been in perfect conditions for its lifespan. So how do you know when your insulation should be replaced? The following signs could mean your...
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6 signs that your insulation needs to be replaced

6 Signs That Your Insulation Needs to be Replaced

Bad insulation can cause a problem throughout your entire home. Now that the temperatures are continually dropping, it’s time to check to see if your home needs new insulation. Keep an eye out for these signs of bad insulation. Indoor Drafts When the insulation in your...
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Energy Efficient Burlington Insulation Contractors

It’s getting colder in Skagit Valley which means you’re likely running your heater full-blast to keep your home nice and cozy.  We’ve been busy traveling from Bellingham to Seattle swapping out folks’ old insulation for something much more energy...
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