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5 signs of mice in your home

5 Signs of Mice in Your Home

Mice cause a lot of damage. They chew through everything, burrow into small spaces, and leave droppings all over the place. If a mice infestation gets out of control it can cost thousands. So it’s important to know the signs of mice in your home so you can catch it early....
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Mill Creek Rodent Removal

Rodents are Equal Opportunity Infesters

We know, it’s embarrassing telling people you have a rodent problem. But guess what? Rodents are equal opportunity infesters – they give everyone a chance to be infested by them. They like to take refuge anywhere and everywhere. It doesn’t make a difference to...
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Mount Vernon Pest Control

5 Common Fall Pests in Washington

Fall tends to be the time when pests are more noticeable because they are trying to find a warm place to stay. Here are five of the common pests you should look for. Spiders There are a lot of different types of spiders in the state of Washington including black widows, yellow...
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Rodent Infestation Removal

Rodent Infestation Removal

You’re busy at work, at home, and you definitely do not have time to deal with rodents. You might even be tempted to ignore the problem with the hopes that it will all just magically go away on its own. But continue reading below to learn all the reasons why that’s...
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