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How to Get Rid of Ants

You're busy at work, at home, and you definitely do not have time to deal with ants. You might even be tempted to ignore the problem with the hopes that it will all just magically go away on its own. If you haven't figured it out already, you'll learn that they won't just go away.

Peace of Mind

We are here to offer peace of mind and help you take back your home so you, your family, and your pets can relax in a safe and comfortable environment. One call is all it takes to schedule a free estimate at a time that works well for you. We'll get rid of the ants, prevent pest re-entry, and then clean and sanitize the area so you can resume living life to the fullest. Don't put it off. Those ants are not going anywhere. And depending on the type of ant, they can cause massive damage to your home.

Tips to Get Ants Out of Your Home

  1. Clean Up
  2. Since ants are attracted to food, clean up your kitchen. Don't leave food out anywhere in the house, including crumbs. If there isn't any food for the ants to find, they won't come back to your house.

  3. Seal Up Your Food
  4. Yes, air-tight containers can be pricey but they are worth it. Ants can't get into air-tight containers so they can't get into your food and ruin it.

  5. Dry Off Counters
  6. The reason why you find ants in your bathroom is usually because of water. Wipe off counters to eliminate water and make sure you seal your toothpaste tube.

  7. Seal Off Entry Points
  8. Use caulk to seal off obvious entry points in windows, doors, and near your baseboards. Once it dries, you can sand it down and repaint if needed.

  9. Use Ant Bait
  10. If you already have an ant problem, then ant bait works great. You can make your own, or buy some from a hardware store. Ant bait is a poison that attracts ants, but it doesn't kill them right away. They will take back the poison to their ant nest and kill off the entire colony. Some people choose to keep ant bait out at all times to keep ants away for a long period of time.

  11. Empty Trash Cans
  12. If you put food scraps in your trash can then empty it right away. Ants will be attracted to the trash so you can get them to move to the outside trash can.

  13. Call in the Professionals
  14. Professional pest control companies have the remedies you need to get rid of ants. They'll seal off re-entry places and keep the ants out.

Best Time to Get Rid of Ants

The best time to get rid of ants is right now. The damage that ants cause can cost a lot of money if left untreated. They can also get in to your food, ruining it.

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