Insulation Repair and Installation for your Mill Creek and Bothell Crawlspace and Attic

While snow isn't always in the cards during the Winter months in Mill Creek and Bothell, Winter can certainly bring some chilly temperatures to King and Snohomish Counties. An un-insulated crawlspace or basement is not only a major source of energy loss and contributing factor to thermal inefficiency but a lack on insulation also means you'll be needing to crank up the heat and adding extra layers. By installing new, energy efficient insulation from Classic Insulation and Pest Control, you could save BIG on your energy costs and keep cozy during the colder months. The attic is one of the largest sources of potential heat loss in a home and often one of the most neglected areas when it comes to insulation, especially in some of Mill Creek and Bothell's older homes. If your top floor is hot in the summer or if the furnace can't keep up in the winter, chances are your roof needs more insulation and Classic's Mill Creek and Bothell insulation contractors can help! But lack of insulation isn't always the biggest problem. If your home has an improperly sealed-off crawlspace or attic your existing insulation could be the victim of rodent infestation. Classic's insulation contractor team is highly-specialized in the removal of damaged insulation as well as the installation of new, energy-efficient insulation and vapor barriers and the sealing off of rat and other rodent entry points. Let us help make your home more energy efficient and comfortable by installing new insulation in your Mill Creek and Bothell crawlspace and attic!   Mill Creek and Bothell Crawlspace and Attic Insulation Classic Insulation also offers the following services in Mill Creek and Bothell: Rat and Rodent Removal and Exclusion Insect and Pest Control