Carpenter Ants

How to identify and remove carpenter ants.

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Carpenter Ants
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These ants can do considerable damage to structures over a period of time. They do not however, eat wood. They actually eat proteins, carbohydrates…the same things that people eat. The reason they do damage to structures is because they nest in wood(and other materials as well). The hollow out or excavate portions of lumber to build a home for the colony. Galleries, where the young are raised and room is made for the queen.

Signs to Look For

Because many homes in this region are being built in forested areas, established colonies of carpenter ants are frequently found in close proximity to these residences. Ants will forage in and around the home for food and/or water, and often choose to establish satellite colonies inside the structure since these items are readily available there.


Carpenter ants are a threat to people because they make nests in and around our homes. Carpenter ants do not eat wood like termites do. They make extensive galleries in the wood to live in and raise their young.

If Untreated…

Depending on the amount of damage caused to the structure, costs could range into the thousands.


Do it yourself is not a recommended treatment measure without knowledge and experience in dealing with this ant species. We recommend you call a professional for identification and treatment.

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