Offering the Best Solutions for your Mill Creek and Bothell Insulation and Pest Control Needs!

  Mill Creek and Bothell are some great, up and coming communities that have done a great job balancing between development and nature.  But having nature at your doorstep means sometimes nature will sneak into your home uninvited.  Whether it's rats, rodents, or insects, at some point you and your home will probably be the victim of their shenanigans - your gardens invaded, your pantries raided, and your Mill Creek and Bothell insulation destroyed. It is important to know how to properly control these pests that invade our lives and how to best repair the damage caused by their infestations. That's where Classic Insulation and Pest Control comes in by providing the following services:

Mill Creek and Bothell Insulation Insulation Installation and Repair:

If insulation for your attic or crawlspace is in need of cleanup, repair or installation due to pest damage or usual wear-and-tear, Classic can expertly resolve the problems with your Mill Creek and Bothell Insulation.

  Roof rat image  

Rat and Rodent Removal and Exclusion:

Have rats or other rodents invading your Mill Creek and Bothell home or just want to make sure they can't get in to begin with? Classic excels at both the removal of rats and mice as well as ensuring they can never get back in to your home.

  Carpenter ants image  

Insect and Pest Control:

Have spiders, wasps, bees, ants or other insects that you need removed from your Mill Creek and Bothell property? Classic can remove your pests and do regular maintenance to ensure they don't return.

  We proudly serve throughout King and Snohomish Counties and can nip any Mill Creek and Bothell insulation or pest problem in the bud. Whether you require an emergency removal of some unwanted guests, routine maintenance and upkeep to keep unwanted invaders out, or the repair and replacement of your attic of crawlspace insulation, Classic Insulation and Pest Control will ensure that the only residents in your Mill Creek and Bothell home are you and your family!